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About Us

Nigomart Online Mall is newly design online marketplace that aim to sell generic products across various categories, brand and unbranded at a affordable prices. Our site is also design to aggregates multiple third-party retailers both big,small,local and new business to sell their product on our site. As a new business we are working hard day and night to find betters ways to make selling and shopping online more interesting. Looking for better deals for our customer that is value for their money

Our Aim
Our aim is to use our platform to promote free and fair on-line trading, allow third-party retailers to list and sell product of any category of their choice at 0% commission. Provide retailer and consumers a free, fair and safe on-line trading environment, connecting consumers and retailers direct. Allows consumers to compare price from different other third-party retailers within the site.
Build a stronger on-line market community that will be suitable for everyone with no boundaries.
We intend to expand on our item categories and also include services section on this site in the near future. We also welcome suggestion and request from retailers in other to improve user experience.

What we do

  • Sell of variety of generic products direct to consumers.
  • Market and sell products on behalf of Manufactures, Warehouses, Suppliers and Individuals company
  • We drop ship and use drop shipping.
  • Market product listed by both third-party retailers and Nigomart to consumers who is likely to buy them.
  • Allow consumers and Retailers to place advert of any category (excluding pornographic adverts and materials) in our classified page.
  • Provide third party retailers trading account that aggregates all their listed products.

Our Name
Our Name Nigomart is taking from a kindred in West Africa called UMUANIGO. The name UMUANIGO was spilt into two parts and the last four alphabet was taking from the name UMUA-nigo and mart which this another short name for market was added at the back to create the name Nigomart.
Nigomart is an On-line Mall trader under Nigomart Limited registered in England and Wales with Registration No 9319877.

Why Us
At Nigomart we understand difficulty of setting up and running business, more especially to new business. We provide our online retailers with cost effective services which some of them are free, and one of the ways we show our support to both established, local and new businesses is to provide them the opportunity to use our platform for free which helps them to build their audience and also expand their market share without worrying about monthly subscription and marketing fees.
Our friendly and warmly approach to all of our customer request both consumes and retailers is priceless.

What we are looking for?
We will be interested to hear from you if you wish to work with us, this can be inform of we selling your product on site or using our site to promote your product.
We are looking for suppliers in all kind of products categories and department.

Contact Us
Nigomart Limited have a procedure for investigating complaints and dealing with queries.
If there are any questions, suggestion you want to know more on what we do please contact us using the information below.

Nigomart Online Mall
10 Chester Street
Swindon Wiltshire
☎ +44-(0)1793-977-644

Last Edited on 01/03/2015